Susan is one of the most unique haunted objects in the world. Exact details are unknown but we pinpoint her attachment to the 1960s to a young girl who tragically passed away. From there, Susan went to a private collection of world renowned origins until she was purchased by John in 2011. Susan has always had an intensity to her, affecting those in her presence. She has made Marines jump, individuals cry and even John question his sanity. It was not until Susan interacted with Stormy, however, that she became truly active and began to excel in the form of communication and even movement. Witnesses have heard Susan speak, seen her eyes shift and even her physical body pivot and move. And yes, we have it documented. Susan is now officially part of the Spooky Babes family and even accompanies the team to certain locations to aid in communication with the spirits inside. Susan continues to take on an identity of her own and even has her own social media with photos of all of her haunted adventures.